O.M.Gigi! Recently when I was in London, I managed to snag a copy of Parisian Vogue from a train station convenience store, with none other than my favorite model-of-the-millennials Gigi Hadid gracing the cover! For anyone who’s managed to miss her superhuman rise to fame in the modeling industry, here’s a recap of the article that reminds us all this Voguette is more than just a pretty face.

To start – for those who don’t know – Gigi’s modeling fame can be compared to recipe with ingredients far and few between that the baker rarely ever experiences the final product. Mix her exotic beauty, privileged upbringing and celebrity friends with a hard work ethic, a positive attitude and a focus on being kind. At approximately 20 years of age the mixture should yield a young model with superstar success, 10 million Instagram followers and a public voice she’s not afraid to use. 

Beyond what it took to gain such a level of success, the Vogue article chooses to talk about what she’s doing with her celebrity that’s making such an impact on the modeling world: Gigi undeniably represents the changing perceptions of body image in the fashion industry today.


Known for her athletic body, the ex-volleyball player and horseback rider has always been open about putting her health over her jeans size. Regrading that philosophy, the Vogue article highlights Gigi’s open letter that she posted to social media (I’m sure we all know the one), after enduring harsh criticism at the Versace show during last year’s Paris Fashion Week. In the letter she not only defends her body, but claims the fashion world is changing, a concept that the article defends 100%.

To my surprise, changes made in France supporting and ensuring the employment of healthy models are cited in the article too. Did you know that an employer can be fined and put in prison for up to six months for hiring an underweight models? According to the cover story, before landing a job all models have to show a medical certificate confirming they’re of a healthy BMI…how cool is that?!

The piece goes on to talk about Gigi’s fitness philosophy.: exercise (usually boxing at Gotham Gym) and healthy eating are important, but a burger now and then is a must!

This cover story just made me admire Gigi even more for the way she stands by her body, rather than trying to fit into someone else’s ideal of perfection. Plus, I love how the fashion industry is changing to support athletic, healthy bodies rather than glorifying underweight models. Putting health over societal standards is a goal we can all work toward, and something that Gigi Hadid and French Vogue reminded me of, yet again.

Article Cited: Sabas, Carole. “Gigi Hadid, Superstar De L’ère Digitale.” Vogue Paris Mar. 2016: 300-07. Print.


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