It’s all about Me Time

Whether you’re going through Finals Season, Tax Season or just hectic life as usual…getting in some quality Me Time is essential for maintaining a happy spirit during life’s fullest days. Personally, if I don’t get any Me Time in I tend to feel rushed, robbed, resentful and out of balance with my day. However, when I commit to taking 30 minutes (at least) during the day to do something I love, the benefits manifest themselves in my mood, the knot in my stomach disappears, and I feel more in tune with life. Usually I try to get some self care in during the morning before I start my day to set myself off on the right path, but because I know every day is different I do my best to carve out the time where and when I can. Below are my five favorite ways to relax, recenter and remain calm in times when my calendar is booked to the brim: 

1. Meditation: For me, meditation has radically improved my life. Just by taking 10 minutes in the morning to be still, connect with my breath and set an intention for the day I set myself for success and calm. Some meditation sessions are better than others…sometimes I’m so focussed I feel I should be a buddhist monk and sometimes I sit in thought for the entire 600 seconds. Either way, I always leave my cushion feeling grounded and more importantly proud of myself for trying. 

2. Nature time: Nothing relaxes me more than getting outside, sitting on a bench and simply being (weather permitting, I’ll admit!). Being outside is such a mood booster for me: Fresh air, sounds of birds, trees, flowers, sunshine, the open sky…what else could a girl need? 

3. Yoga: The best way to destress the mind while simultaneously moving the body. You don’t have to be an expert to do yoga, nor do you have to sign up for expensive classes or even have any equipment/gear for that matter. All you need is internet access, a bit of open space, and an open mind. When I need to invite some more calm into my life, I pull up a yoga video on Youtube. My favorite? Yoga with Adriene’s “Day 10, 10 minute Sun Salutation Practice”. It’s quick, easy and always leaves me inspired and feeling quite zen. 

4. Face Mask: A classic spa day treatment that you so don’t need a spa for! Face masks are my favorite Me Time activity. Not only do they make me feel pampered and rested, they give the skin the extra nutrients it craves during times of stress. My favorite is Acure Organic’s Cell Stimulating Face Mask!

5. Journaling: This may just be a personal habit, but I love writing and reflecting during any Me Time session. For me, if I have a lot on my mind I always feel better getting it out onto a notepad or journal. And the content doesn’t have to be profound: it could be anything from a complete venting rant to listing everything I’m grateful for – it doesn’t matter. Simply putting pen to paper is a great way to reconnect and center before or after a long day. 


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